Saturday, January 21, 2012

Lets play catch up...14, 15 and 16 mos!

Fell so far behind with the holidays, illness, finding out we were pregnant and not to mention chasing around a busy toddler during all of this. But, needless to say here is our not so little boy, who is growing so fast over the past few months!

14 MONTHS...
- Stomps his feet
- Signs- eat, light, train
- Says- outside "ou da", Nana, duck "duc", truck "trua", banana "nana",tractor "tra-cer", diaper "dy-ber", Mum Mum, "nigh nigh" for paci/tired/nap, more, hi "aye", stuck "stu-k", help "ha"
- New foods- raisins

- Sticks out his tongue if you ask "Where is your tongue?"
- Spun in a circle while standing

- Top L molar came in
- Went to the pumpkin patch a couple of times
- Played in the rain for the first time

- Identifies pictures in books- dog, lion, bear, etc.
- Cleans up when he is asked or hears the clean up song and is a helper...helps put laundry away, takes out the clean dishes

- Fed the giraffe at the Zoo
- Climbs down stairs
- Can go up and down the slide on his tummy on his own
- Got his first real hair cut at a place...slightly traumatic for everyone, but we survived


- New foods- tri tip, carrot fries, katchup, pizza, jello (at great grandmas), doughnut...clearly we are onto the not so healthy foods!
- New words- sock/shoe ("suc"), hot ("haa"), hat ("ha")...they do sound different, shoes ("shooz"), whoa/wow, foot, touch, talk, bell, eyes, off, out chair and trash ("tra")
- Began pairing two words together "more dadda" "more truck"

- Signs- fish and bunny
- Completely weaned from nursing on his own just after turning 14 mos old
- Can scoot forward on ride-ons now

- Does some motions to songs- "Choo choo" in Little Red Caboose; will clap, stomp and bounce to If Your Happy; claps for Open and Shut Them
- 1st time Trick or Treating on Halloween and was a Tiger this Year!

- Working on eating with a spoon on his own
- Can point to some body parts- eyes, hair, tongue, belly button, mouth, teeth and toes
- Blows kisses
- Does "knock knock" on doors, walls

- Holds the phone to his ear and says "O O" for hello
- Got his top Rt molar and bottom L molar
- Makes sounds for cars and trucks

- 15 mos appt. 31 inches and 23 lbs 4 1/2 oz
- Sits at his little table for snacks

16 MONTHS....

- Says- "hi dadda", "ooo" for a cow, " hi daisy", "peas" for please, chips, "a- lle-sau" for applesauce, cat, sit, "maa" for milk, book, "baa" for bath, "bye bye", bowl, "tay" for take, ball, "bay-bee" for baby, "burr" for bird, popper, mess, "Ya ya" for Ryken, house, "k- da" for Kinley

- Signs- please (rubs two hands together), airplane, milk

- Got his top L fang tooth, bottom RT molar
- Celebrated Thanksgiving and got to help announce he is going to be a BIG brother

- Mommy and Daddy had their first overnight away since Carson's arrival. He did great with his Auntie and Uncle!

- Threw up for the first time...a lovely milestone to remember...poor guy
- Ended up with his first ear infection and on antibiotics for the 1st time
- Helped pick out and decorate the Christmas tree

- Has a fake laugh...pretty hilarious and he knows it

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Halloween weekend in Atascadero....
Zoo Boo fun with Nana

Watching the animals with Mommy

Buddy Jaxson

Trick or Treating fun with Cousin Benjamin....

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The cheapest, cleanest paint there is

All you need is 3 things...a bucket, a brush and some hose water and TA DA you have painting!
My personal opinion, the best kind of painting there is. No mess, no clean up and fun fun fun! He loved it to say the least!

Hasn't quite mastered his painter's etiquette yet...

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

13 Months

13 Months
Our baby boy is SO big now! We are loving watching the transformation from baby to toddler and seeing his little personality, preferences and silliness grow by the day. I feel so lucky to spend each and every day watching him grow and change.
So here are a few of our new things for the month...

He is really stable walking or better yet running it seems now! He is also climbing on/off things some things even that aren't really climbing approved too.
Little Gym

Food- peanut butter and jelly sandwich, egg (whites and yolk), hot dog, grapefruit and  mandarin oranges. Went through a little bit of a picky (welcome to being a toddler stage), but getting better as long as he CAN do it!

 Eats with a fork on his own

New words (or ones that have changed)...lots more talking and attempts at communication-
ruff ruff (dog)
all da (all done)
Day-see (daisy)
tep (step)
Mi Mi (Milo, kitty) often sounds more like Nigh Nigh
K-tee (kitty)

And finally after months and months of signing with him, he did his first sign back to us. YAY! Now he signs-
more (constantly)
all done
eat (done a couple of times)

He can stand from sitting on his own

Claps, also his sign for he wants music on on or you to sing to him

Lowered the crib to the lowest setting...cutest thing in the morning he wakes up and stands in the corner closest to his cd player and claps and dances

Had thrush for the first time...Boo...but we survived it quite easily thankfully

Self weaned off nursing other than morning right after he wakes up still doing

Follows simple directions- "bring me a book" and is making connections with you want to go outside? and he will bring you his shoes

We participated in our 1st research study at UC Davis...very interesting for me being on the participant side for the first time

Can climb down stairs independently

Really starting to enjoy reading and will bring books to you

Loves art...painting drawing, playdough

And is still in love with all things music- listening, dancing, playing instruments...daily or better yet all day long

Began "stomping" his feet to be silly or when excited

And just today went down his slide all on his own

This month was filled with birthday celebrations, a trip to lake port, pear/apple/berry picking, welcoming a new friend (Ryken) into the world, playing at the park...and so much more!